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Bibliotheca Germanica - Series Nova

Texts of the Germanic Middle Ages and Early Modern Period
Bilingual Editions and Translations
Edited by Hans FIX
ISSN 0939-544X

Volume 1

Peter A. Jorgensen (Ed.)


Valla-Ljóts Saga

Bilingual Edition (Icelandic/English) of MS AM 161 fol.


ISBN 978-3-922441-59-5

1991, 120 p. 24,- €

Volume 2

Calvin B. Kendall (Ed.)


Bede's Art of Poetry and Rhetoric
(Beda Venerabilis)
Libri II: De Arte Metrica et De Schematibus et Tropis

Bilingual Edition (Latin/English) of the MS St. Gall 876


ISBN 978-3-922441-60-1

1991, 210 p. 42,- €

Volume 3

Kaaren Grimstad (Ed.)


Volsunga Saga / The Saga of the Volsungs

Bilingual Edition (Icelandic/English)
The old-icelandic text from the medieval manuscript (Ny kgl. Samling 1824b 4to; ca. 1400) with an English translation, an introduction and notes.


ISBN: 978-3-922441-67-0

2000; (2nd edition 2005) 245 p. 49,- €

[Out of print]


As E-Book:

The E-Book is based on the 2nd edition from 2005.
E-Book: 2010 245 p. 29,90 €

ISBN: 978-3-922441-04-5


Volume 4

Jana K. Schulman (Ed.)


The Laws of Later Iceland: Jónsbók

Bilingual Edition (Icelandic/English)
The Icelandic Text According to MS AM 351 fol. Skálholtsbók eldri.
With an English translation, introduction and notes.


ISBN: 978-3-922441-82-3

2010, XXXII + 485 p.

2nd edition: 2018, softcover 149,00 €


eBook (pdf):

ISBN: 978-3-942701-40-2

2018, XXXII + 485 p. 89,99 €


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